Revista de Odontologia da UNESP
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Volume 40, Issue 3, 2011

40(3), 2011

Original Article

Effect of additional hydrofobic layer on the microtensile bond strenght of all-in-one adhesive systems Bortolatto, Janaína Freitas; Takatsui, Fabiana; Oliveira Junior, Osmir Batista de; Andrade, Marcelo Ferrarezi de; Kuga, Milton Carlos; Campos, E.A. Adhesive systems, bond strength, composite resins
Oral health impact profile in the quality of life of patients over 50 years old of two public institutions of Araraquara city, SP, Brazil Alvarenga, F.A.S.; Henriques, Cristiane; Takatsui, Fabiana; Montandon, A.A.B.; Telarolli Júnior, Rodolpho; Monteiro, Ana Lúcia Colabone de Castro; Pinelli, Camila; Loffredo, L.C.M. OHIP-14, oral health, quality of life, self-perception
Effects of pigmentation and accelerated aging on color stability of a medical silicone with potential for use in maxillofacial prosthetics Pinheiro, Juliana Barchelli; Daher, Camila; Maida, Ana Flávia Polici; Leite, Vanessa Maria Fagundes; Paranhos, H.F.O.; Silva, C.H.L. Facial prosthesis, pigmentation, accelerated aging, color stability
Flexural strength of an acrylic resin after incorporation of an antimicrobial polymer Oliveira Júnior, N.M.; Paleari, A.G.; Rodriguez, L.S.; Marin, Danny Omar Mendoza; Pero, A.C.; Compagnoni, M.A. Antimicrobial agents, acrylic resins, denture bases, denture complete.
Effect of different dentifrices containing plaque disclosing and chlorhexidine in color stability and surface roughness of a composite resin Bittencourt, Bruna Fortes; Martins, Gislaine Cristine; Teitelbaum, Ana Paula; Borges, Christiane Philippini Ferreira; Gomes, J.C.; Gomes, O.M.M. Composite resins, spectrophotometry, toothbrushing, dentifrices
Can bruxism be a sign of the temporal lobe epilepsy? Case report of a child with bruxism and hippocampal cystic lesion Ferreira, Lisiane Seguti; Faber, Ingrid; Reis, Fabiano; Ferreira, Diógenes Bruxism, choroidal cyst, temporal lobe epilepsy, polysomnography.
Planning the esthetic smile: a case report Camilotti, Veridiana; Zambonato, Celita; Bosquiroli, Virgínia; Busato, Priscilla do Monte Ribeiro; Rosa, Anne Cristine da; Mendonça, Márcio José Planning, ceramics, esthetics.
Diagnosis and treatment of severe dentoalveolar ankylosis in primary molars: case report Alves, Maria do Socorro Coelho; Leite, Taissa Helena Martins; Vieira, Denise Regina Pontes; Cruz, Maria Carmen Fontoura Nogueira da; Alves, Cláudia Maria Coelho Tooth ankylosis, primary dentition, dental occlusion

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